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A graduate recruitment engine that was founded by CV Desk (Pty) Ltd, a generalist placement outfit in Randburg, Gauteng. It exists to empower, develop and place graduates across ALL industries.


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 ‘’It is so painful to go to school for years, suffering, eating tinned fish and noodles almost every day, waking up in the middle of the night to queue for NSFAS just so you can get funding and the Edu Loan PnP food voucher, waiting for hours in the campus library to use a computer just for 30 min and then wait again. Having to share your room with your homies who were not approved by NSFAS. I don’t even want to mention clothes because it is 1 Mr Price pump per Semester (and must be black to fit in every outfit). Taking your last money sent to you by your grandmother or mother just to fill up student card to make copies of a textbook you cannot afford. You go back home and people whisper behind you proudly: (Ufunde kabi lomtwana, ocgoke amajazi amakhulu). But dololo employment. The girls that you’ve left back home are alcoholics and you thought you wanted a better life and went to school and the girls are now driving and still drinking. (Not mentioning their weaves, I can’t afford). The young people in your community who looked up to you have better lives than yours wena Sifundiswa.

That ex you left who didn’t want better things in life is working in the Municipality and you walk pass their office when you go to check for available posts on the municipal noticeboard. Instead of sleeping and studying on weekends in varsity, I should have went out and partied with the men that parked outside main res on weekends cause I’m sure by now they would have hooked me up with a tender. After completing my B-Tech in Logistics I worked as a promoter for Homemark, Checkers, Game and PnP. Imagine having to hold a spin mop every day and begging customers to buy (with a Degree) ,not even a cashier or Merchandiser, no, promoter. Have to fax time sheet or no pay. Having to work at Spur as a waitron. Having to serve my ex high school classmates who didn’t study further. Who have cars to drive from Grootvlei to Vanderbijlpark just to eat and give me a tip of-course? Having to fake a smile and laugh at customer’s stupid remarks, broken English and ordering things they don’t know just for tips. Some customers would walk out complaining that the food is cold and I have to pay for that bill. I will then have to walk home instead of getting a cab. That time you still owe the landlord a month’s rent. (Graduate lelo njalo). I am currently in an extended Learnership in a Logistics company. 4 of us are graduates and the other 36 have grade 12, it becomes your duty to assist them with assignments since well SIFUNDE KAKHULU, but the stipend is the same. Having to pull pallet jack and a scanner everyday picking stock in a Warehouse as big as a Mall in overalls and heavy safety shoes.

They say it pays to be educated, not in this country. Next week most of us are getting paid, people are going to be shopping for winter, guess what I will be doing, mina sisi we B-Tech……..? Taking all my torn jeans to the tailor cause the life I live does not allow me to buy a simple jean cash. Who must I sleep with to get a permanent job in this country? – Microwave Khanya,
2016 (Reposted on Facebook).
‘’Eish kamo ke di phone call tsa NSFAS saying that you must pay your loan, I’m telling you one of this days ketlo rogana straight’ – Puleng MaReabetswe Tlake, 2019 (Facebook comment).

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