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Hey Grad Recruiter,

We would like to help you find suitable Interns and Learners for your vacant opportunities using agile recruitment methods, AT NO COST TO YOU! 

We have over 70K+ unemployed graduates and school leavers across various industries, within our iRecruitGrads talent pool, ready for the place of work.

OPTION 1: All applicants can be screened, shortlisted and sent to you should you need this option.

Option 2: You can choose the Ad Response handling option, which lets you receive suitable candidate CVs then you run with the recruitment process.

Option 3: Sign up as an employer, talk to your iRecruitGrads Account Manager and build a strong talent pool that is available to you whenever you need it.


Hey Graduate & Learner,

We’ve got Internships & Learnerships. 

Option 1: Request a CV template should you be uncertain about your current one. Upload on our site, then apply.

Option 2: Upload your CV then apply for jobs with over 50 companies across South Africa, in all sectors.


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A graduate recruitment engine that was founded by CV Desk (Pty) Ltd, a generalist placement outfit in Randburg, Gauteng. It exists to empower, develop and place graduates across ALL industries.

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We are committed in providing jobs for job seekers and bring values to employers by giving them what they are looking for in employees.

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